What a wonderful day shared with friends and family, remembering the past and dreaming of what’s to come.

Verchovyna Ukrainian Dance Ensemble and other guests all performed wonderfully as well!

In the spirit of this celebration, let’s all make a pact that we’ll never let traditions like Cheremosh and the songs and entertainment they bring to the community simmer. Being so geographically far from Ukraine means nothing these days – unless we let our passions and work slip. Through Ukrainian song, the Ukrainian language and history is forever preserved.

Thank goodness for the invaluable work of Cheremosh and other cultural groups. It takes soooooo much work to keep such a group going for so many decades, and more effort will be needed to continue this legacy.The effort is forever evident and acknowledged through the next generation’s work and passion for Ukrainian culture.

I see the next generation’s passion in my work with CYM Melbourne all the time. These efforts
are working wonders.

Congratulations Cheremosh and cheers to the future!

Thank you to Taras Moravski for capturing the friendly community vibe of this milestone. View fukk Flickr album here

Post by Lesia Rudewych

Cheremosh Choir Melbourne
Verchovyna dancers Cheremosh concert
Verchovyna Ukrainian Dance Ensemble Melbourne
Verchovyna dancers welcome Cheremosh choir
Ukrainian Dancers Cheremosh concert
Verhcovyna Ukrainian Dance Melbourne
Cheremosh Ukrainian Choir CYM Melbourne

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